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A step back in time November 16, 2012

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typewriterThis week for no particular reason other than the boys didn’t provide me with anything really inspiring to write about (a rare event indeed), I decided to share a few of my favourite posts.

Here’s my latest Ten Good Reads for you to enjoy:

  1. The Holiday from Hell – a ruined holiday with toddler twin boys
  2. Hygiene – over-rated by teenage boys
  3. Calm Down – two words no angry mother wants to hear
  4. Sage Advice – learn from an experienced teacher
  5. Too late – pushing the boundaries always
  6. Trouble on school camp – there’s always one isn’t there?
  7. Hurdy Gurdy – a family heirloom in our backyard
  8. Nice to be wanted – thank goodness for Sister of a Man-Child
  9. Testosterone – naturally my boys have loads
  10. Mother’s day musings – a good time to reflect

Enjoy them, share them, and let me know your thoughts.  It always makes me feel more normal when I hear from my readers.



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