Mother of a Man-Child

My life with teenage boys

About the author January 27, 2010

Kelly Millar Mother of a Man-Child authorFollow the experiences of an Australian mother of teenage twin boys (and a young daughter), as they ride the rapids of the adolescent years together (and more often apart).  Honest, open and insightful, you will enjoy in equal measure hilarity, empathy and tears (of laughter and sadness).

The author was inspired to start her blog after yet another “encounter” with her teenage Man-Child son.  At the time, she was in “career transition” (that’s PC for being unemployed following a redundancy) so decided it was a great opportunity to channel her energies into something creative, as a counterbalance to the relentless grind of job hunting.  It also fed a long-held enjoyment of writing and story telling – hopefully evident in the many anecdotes that you will read.

I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I enjoy penning them.  🙂

Here’s my author page on Amazon: Kelly Millar


© Copyright 2017. Kelly Millar, Mother of a Man-Child.  No content may be republished without written author permission.  For enquiries contact the author by email.



9 Responses to “About the author”

  1. Hannah Schwartz Says:

    I always loved your wit and so nice to see it in writing…these are great! Yes, funny and insightful.

    Have fun and I enjoy reading more.

  2. Suzy Jamieson Says:

    With two little boys of my own, these fantastically written man-child stories are a great insight to the… shall i say…. “interesting” times i may look to experience in the future. Thanks for the heads up . Keep them coming!

    • Loads of fun in store for you Suzy. I am sure your gorgeous boys will provide plenty of anecdotes over the years to come – it’s a while until they’re teenagers, so enjoy those early years!

  3. Mother Who Works Says:


    Finally managed to sign up! Glad the rennos are going well. See you Friday,
    MWW xx

  4. stacey maloney mccall Says:

    Hellow fellow blogger! Love it, wish I had known you were blogging sooner ’cause now I have a LOT of catch up reading to do! Love Stace

  5. Kim Maddrenb Says:

    I am not alone! I enjoy your blog as I too have man-child. I am sure aliens come to earth recruit our boys and we are left with god knows who! At least your bowls do not have bacteria growing on the side!
    Kim Perth x

    • Thanks Kim. I look forward to the bacteria visit. LOL.
      Tonight when Man-Child II was told to clean a weeks worth of mess off the floor, I found it piled up behind his door – does he think I’m stupid? Must get a photo of that too!

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