Mother of a Man-Child

My life with teenage boys

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The back story to Mother of a Man-Child

Almost eight years ago, a full-time working mum of three, Kelly Millar, was inspired to start a blog after yet another “encounter” with her teenage Man-Child son. With a latent interest in social media and the fledgling new media form of “blogging” back in 2010, Kelly decided what better way to learn than to “do”.  The blog also fed a long-held enjoyment of writing and storytelling – evident in the well-crafted anecdotes that you will read in the book.

With twin boys (double trouble) Kelly rarely found herself short of material for her weekly blog post, and over a four and a half year period, she anonymously documented the journey of her men-children from the ages of 14 through to 18.  Upon reaching adulthood, Kelly decided that it was time to retire the blog, and leave the men-children in peace (lest she should incriminate them)!!

What is the book about?

The book covers a wide range of stories surrounding the lives of the men-children.  No topic was out of bounds for the author, so the book is honest, open, insightful and heart-warming.  The audience will enjoy in equal measure hilarity, empathy and tears (of laughter and sadness) as Kelly shares her experiences over the journey.

The 448-page book is jam-packed with anecdotes about teenage boys and the trials and tribulations of life as it unfolds across every facet of adolescent life, including school, sport, parties, holidays, work, family and more.

Some of the challenges Kelly faced over the years included decisions about whether or not a child should change school, how to control alcohol consumption, what to do when faced with drug use, how to deal with late-night visitors, what punishments to meter out for bad behaviour, how to ensure happy family holidays, how to get a man-child to clean up his mess/do the dishes/do the washing/stop fighting (you get the picture).

Who should read Mother of a Man-Child?

Mother of a Man-Child has something for everyone.  We have all been teenagers, with our own memories of those turbulent years.  And some of us have been parents, or aunts and uncles to teenagers, and witnessed first-hand the metamorphosis from child to adult.  Both adults and teens will enjoy the refreshing perspective that this book provides.

Above all, we are all human, and to observe the normality of a typical Aussie family as they traverse the adolescent path is a breath of fresh air, and thoroughly entertaining when told by Kelly.

As one of the men-children claimed in a recent text message to his mother, the author:

“200 pages down in your book!  Most reading I’ve done all year.  It’s really cool to read about my teenage years and see things from your perspective.  Truly amazing and generations will love this book.”

Who is Mother of a Man-Child?

Kelly Millar (aka Mother of a Man-Child) lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Rob, twin sons (now 21) and a daughter (now 14) – yes, another teenager in the house!

Kelly commenced her career in advertising before moving client-side into marketing roles and has juggled a full-time career for over 30 years, whilst raising her children.  Mother of a Man-Child is her first blog and now book.