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My book is in Readings! April 10, 2018

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readingsIt’s fair to say to I was pretty pleased with myself to finally self-publish my book recently, via Amazon’s publishing services, which offers on demand digital printing.  It’s a very cost effective model for a fledgling author, and very 2018 quite frankly.

I have been overwhelmed by the response to the book to date, and the support and encouragement from family, friends, colleagues, business associates and my extended networks.

I have learned how hard the world of publicity is, but thankfully I have tenacity in spades, so “no” is not really in my vocab.  I now understand that “nagging” is a thing in the world of PR, and can actually be quite successful.  Actually it’s also a skill I honed with the men-children and now their teenage sister, so who knew it would be so useful in later years.

Amongst some great little PR wins along the way, I have to say I just achieved my best result to date – my book is currently being stocked in Readings bookstores in Carlton and Hawthorn.  For anyone who lives in Melbourne, you will know it’s a well known independent retailer of books et al, and a truly iconic Melbourne brand.  It’s more than just a bookshop, it’s a destination, and the fact that they have survived the online disruption of the book industry speaks volumes about their brand.

So if you haven’t yet bought a copy of my book, and you’d like to purchase a copy, I know there are a small number waiting patiently on the shelves in two awesome bookshops in Melbourne!!  Of course, I am hoping there will be a rush to Mother’s Day – what better gift for the Mum in your life?

So here’s to the lovely buyers at Readings, thanks so much for your support.  Here’s a bit of PR right back at you!

Mother of a Man-Child