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The minimalist approach to hygiene March 30, 2010

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I am quite fascinated by the approach to hygiene in our house.  For all the smells boys can create, I am staggered that Man-Child and his twin brother Teenage-Child are not more fastidious about their own hygiene (then again, maybe they can’t smell it themselves?).

I know boys in a contained space can smell quite revolting, especially if you leave a door closed for a few hours, or worse still overnight, but mine are either very good at airing their bedrooms, or ensuring their stinking, smelly shoes are put in the laundry so they transfer the smells to another location.  Oh and spraying Lynx just before bed if there are any offending odours lingering in their bedrooms.

Often times I will have to remind them to actually wash their hair – it seems for boys it’s just a complete waste of time to have to do this on a regular basis, and not something you do when your hair needs to look clean, but maybe when your head is itchy and clearly full of dirt?!

I did have to laugh the other day when Teenage-Child (who is actually fast becoming very like Man-Child Mark II) headed off on Saturday afternoon to a friend’s place.  I knew he was staying the night, so enquired where his overnight bag was.  He looked at me like I had asked where his second head was, and asked why he would want a bag that he would simply have to drag around all afternoon?  I of course suggested maybe he needed a pair of boxers to sleep in, some clean jocks for the next day and a toothbrush – the minimum requirements I would have thought.  His response – Nah, I’ll just sleep in my clothes and get up tomorrow morning.  She’ll be right.  Like I was a complete idiot!!!

I guess the upside of the above is that they’re probably helping keep our water consumption low.  I must make a note of how many of their mates actually shower at our place when they have a sleepover – just to reassure myself that mine are normal!


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