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Argue this logic….. February 12, 2010

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As is the custom in our house, I wash the kids bath towels on a regular basis.  Now I must admit here that I probably had an error of judgement when I purchased white towels recently for the kids – yes, I know, what IDIOT would buy white towels for kids?  Well me, because they go with their bathroom, with lovely stripes that match the accent colour, and I couldn’t find another dark colour that wasn’t the same as what we already had. 

Anyway, generally my kids have managed to keep the towels relatively white until the next clean, providing man-child was given his own hand towel for the copious quantities of super glue strength gel he puts in his hair on a daily basis – trust me when it’s that strong, it doesn’t come off with water, but rather sticks to all the taps and makes the towels lovely and gluey!

Just recently however, I was rendered speechless some five minutes after installing newly laundered white towels in their bathroom.  Upon entering I found man-child with a white towel on the floor, beneath his dirty wet feet, which he was wiping with gay abandon on the towel.  They weren’t wet clean feet, they were wet dirty feet – there’s a massive difference.  In scenario one, they are washed in water and then dried on the towel, in scenario two, they are simply wet so that one can wipe the dirt off on the towel – which is exactly what man-child was doing.

Once I had picked my jaw up off the bathroom floor, I enquired what he thought he was doing exactly, and did he realise he had made the towel filthy dirty in about 30 secs flat?  His response:  “Well what else do you expect, it’s a clean towel, I make it dirty, then it gets washed and comes back clean again” (or something to that effect).  To be honest I was in such a state of shock I still can’t actually recall the words very clearly. 

So there you have it, now I definitely know my place.  It’s to make white towels clean again.  I guess it goes along with cooking a hot meal every night, filling the fridge and pantry with food, miraculously returning once dirty clothes laundered and folded to wear again, etc.  Oh, and spending my Saturday nights as a taxi service – now that’s the highlight of my week!!!  (more on that in another post)

My response to the towel incident was to say that I refused to wash his towel for him ever again, and that he could keep it permanently in his room, where I didn’t have to look at it!  I don’t sound very rational do I!  Fact is the towels in our house do live on the floor anyway, in a wet heap most of the time on their bedroom floor, so I probably won’t have to enforce my threat after all.  Oh and if you’re wondering, the next kids towels I buy will be chocolate-brown. 🙂


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