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All in good taste January 28, 2010

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Here’s a story sure to prove that mother and man-child don’t share similar taste (even vaguely close).

One of my twin boys was happy to shop with me at Myer to spend his Xmas voucher. We shopped in the post Xmas sales, and he bought some cool stuff (Nike Airs, groovy check shorts – label unknown to both of us) at good prices. The other twin (man-child) went off to the sales with his mate, and bought some clothing also.

He purchased two Mossimo t-shirts (not even discounted – complete rip off) and one CHARMING t-shirt with a female form on the front, complete with naked breasts!!! (Since the image borders on soft porn I haven’t included a photo).

Now, first, I am not a total prude. Second, I am not a complete dag either. As a full-time working mum in the digital space I am  the opposite actually. I was on Facebook long before my obsessed teenagers, and they wouldn’t even know what twitter is….. however, I draw the line at basic degradation of the female form. I was hopeful that my morals (and those of my husband) had rubbed off on my son – after all, he lives in a family home with parents who are law-abiding, respectful, and church going (okay, only once or twice a year). I guess I expected more in the year 2010….was I wrong?

As I pointed out to my son, he will not be allowed to wear the said offensive t-shirt in our house, nor do I think he should charm his friends mothers with it. Moreover, I would be VERY interested to know what his female friends (of which there are many) think of it. I actually asked my other twin if he would wear it – a resounding “no” (yes, he may have said that to get his brother in even more trouble)!

I don’t think it’s at all “cool”, and I don’t think many of his friends will either. I think his wallet and brain had one of those testosterone surges that takes over all rational behaviour, and bingo – you have the next stupid thing done by a teenage boy in front of his mate. I have no doubt if he had shopped with one of his girlfriends it would not have been purchased.

So the lesson – try not to let them shop with a $200 voucher on their own. Do look at all their purchases. Do tell them you think they made the wrong choice. And don’t wash it EVER – that way he won’t get to wear it very often…….

Comments welcome. Am I being too prudish?


2 Responses to “All in good taste”

  1. anna Says:

    Well done ‘MOM’ (Mother of Manchild)!

    Personally I’d have it washed and laundered ready for the first civies day at school and then he could really see how far he could go….or for that matter run!

    Loved your story and have laughed over my cup of tea reading it.


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