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The last word! June 5, 2014

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twins at 18In January 2010, I was inspired to start this blog.  As I stated at the time, it was prompted by a number of events.

  1. I had endured yet another encounter with one of my twin teenage boys (just starting to push the boundaries).
  2. I was in between full-time jobs, and looking for some relief from the relentless grind of job-hunting.
  3. I had a long-held and untapped desire to put pen to paper, to exercise my creative side.
  4. I was interested in social media and “blogging”, so no better way to learn than to do.

Who could have imagined that 4.5 years later, I would still be writing weekly blogs about my “men-children”, having survived their teenage years.

I must apologise for my recent absence, but life has been seriously hectic, and the blog for the first time has been neglected.  It’s most unlike me to let my disciplined approach to blogging wane, but there was another underlying reason which permitted this.

You see, in March of this year, my darling men-children turned 18.  We had a wonderful celebration at home, with family and their Godmothers.  It was a lovely intimate occasion marking their official entry to adulthood, and we delighted in sharing our collective pride in our young men.  It also gave cause for me to reflect on the blog, and the stories of their teenage years, and what we had jointly “survived”.  And although there remain stories untold (some that would make excellent reading I assure you), I decided that the time had come to hang up my man-child blog, and let the boys be.  As “children”, I thought it was quite acceptable to share my stories, albeit “anonymously”.  But as they crossed the threshold to adulthood, I decided that it was no longer appropriate for me to continue to share their stories on their behalf.

To some of you, this sentiment may seem a little misplaced, after airing so much personal information for the last 4.5 years.  But for personal reasons, it just feels right.  So this will be my last post about the men-children (and their sister for now).  Who knows, when Sister of a Man-Child hits her teenage years, the blog make get a second run, but for now, it’s time to rest the keyboard.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a blogger.  I have loved the feedback and comments from my readers.  It has been in equal parts cathartic, reflective, amusing and enlightening.  I hope you have enjoyed reading our stories as much as I have enjoyed penning them.  My final thanks go to my subjects, the men-children, who allowed me (kind of) to share glimpses of their lives with the world (okay, not quite the world, but 24,000 views is pretty cool).

The blog will remain live for the time being, whilst I consider the task of self-publishing the posts into a book for posterity (funny, how I’d still like a tangible “book” isn’t it?), so you can still find it when you wish, as can others who stumble across it on the web.

Signing off for the last time,

Mother of a Man-Child.


4 Responses to “The last word!”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    I’ll miss the tales – seeing that my man-child is a not far behind yours – I’ve always saw your blog as a warning of what to expect in the next few months of my life. Perhaps you can start a new one called – mother of Men. I can’t believe they are men already – and considered adults in the eyes of the law – I don’t think that the “law” as a fricking clue at just how much like children the still are at 18. But I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. you’ve done your job, your boys are healthy, independent and seem to know themselves (even if they can’t clean their rooms). No one in jail, no girl friends knocked up, and no Facebook parties that have appeared in the news. I think you have done a great job. I’ll miss the blog.

    • Thanks Cynthia. Yes, still children in soooo many ways as you know. And you are quite right, we seem to have made it through relatively unscathed! One of them was actually surprised I had stopped, particularly when I told him why. I don’t think he expected me to acknowledge his “adulthood” rights so willingly.

  2. Gabrielle Garlepp Says:

    Love the first part Kelly.. did nt know you were writing your blogs! I am up to my 4th teenager and have been a mother of teenagers for 13 years! We could share heaps!… Yes , you will start the blog again with their sister cos she s a GIRL….a whole new world! Good luck !

    • I hear you Gab. Just seeing the first signs of attitude from 10 year old Sister of a Man-Child. But I remain eternally optimistic she will be a good teenager (does that mean she’ll be the exact opposite??)!

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