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Independent (sort of) June 21, 2013

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alone childThe men-children are starting to carve their own paths in life. They are developing clearer ideas of what they want in life, where their career prospects lay, who their friends are, what they like and what they don’t. Naturally, they are fiercely independent, and to varying degrees among our twin boys, think they know absolutely everything (and conversely that we know nothing).

Now I know you will think I am self-indulgent, but part of me loves it when the so-called know-it-all who didn’t want my help, involvement, or meddling suddenly demands assistance. I secretly smile, and offer my help willingly, knowing that one day they will not even consider asking me for help (old, grey and useless?)!

Here’s a few examples for you (okay, yes, I am gloating):

  • Version A: I know how to catch public transport. Of course I can get there on my own.
  • Version B: Which bus is it I should catch? Where did you find that timetable?
  • Version A: I can fill in the form myself. It’s a waste of time anyway.
  • Version B: What does this mean? What should I fill in here?
  • Version A: I don’t need a myki/concession card. I can save you hundreds this year – I will just grab a ticket when the inspector gets on.
  • Version B: Can you pay my fine for me (twice)!!
  • Version A: I can sell stuff on eBay and make money myself.
  • Version B: Can you post this for me at the post office? What do I do about someone that won’t pay for the goods?

And then there’s my regular favourites, proving they still need a mother (okay slave):

  • Can I have some lunch money?
  • Can I have a lift?
  • Can you wash my clothes?
  • What can I eat?
  • What can I put in my sandwich?
  • Can you sew on a button?
  • Does this look good?
  • Which shirt looks better?

Soon enough, they won’t need my help at all. Their peers, house-mates, partners will provide them with all the support and advice they need. But the door will always be open – after all, we never stop being parents do we?

Sister of a Man-Child will be an interesting future case, already showing her independence. She often asks me for advice (“what should I wear today Mama?”) and then proceeds to pick the exact opposite. Hmm, challenging times ahead. 🙂

Here’s a similar theme albeit a few years back: Bereft of Brain Cells?


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