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Mother of a Man-Child: Teenage Glossary of Terms Part II December 17, 2010

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For all the parents out there who are feeling a bit “old” and trying to keep up with today’s lingo, I’ve done an update of men-children’s latest phrases, complete with English language translation.

  • Shoppo = Westfield Shoppingtown at Doncaster.   I don’t recall calling it that when I was a kid.
  • Munt = Vomit, Chuck, Spew.  First heard when my boys told me about the kid who “munted” all over someone’s shoes in the tram one morning on the way to school.   Poor thing!
  • Scairn = How’s it going.  Say it slowly, it’s a kind of morphed version of these words I kid you not.  It’s also the voicemail message on Man-Child I’s mobile.  Friendly isn’t it?
  • T-Hub = True.  No idea how they came up with this one.  Wonder what Telstra think of it?  To be honest they should take it as a compliment since I doubt they get many!
  • Dedubs = phonetic expression of DW, short for Don’t Worry.  Aren’t you glad I am helping you with this stuff.  🙂
  • MILF/SILF/TILF – okay, these ones are not good.  Some of you may know these terms.   I’m sorry but I can’t give you the translation on the blog they’re so revolting.  If you hear your sons or daughters using them, whack first, ask questions later is my only advice.   Or if you know me, give me a call and I’ll explain them to you personally.
  • Dubstf – a bit like “Dedubs” above.  Short for WTF.  And that’s short for What The F&%K people.
  • Sheila, biddy = girl.   Earlier version was Mint Biddy = good looker.
  • Slappa = Bad girl.  “Slut” as we called it in my day.  What I refer to now as Skanky Ho and a term my husband hates me using – but it’s oh so apt sometimes.
  • Chin-Up Cuz = Stop “arking” up, or Chill.
  • Neck-Up Mutt = As above.  Can be shortened to Neck-Up.

So there you have it, the latest glossary of terms.  Just trying to keep you in the loop so you’re up with the program Bro!

Trust me though, these terms all sound really, really daggy when they come from the mouths of anyone who is over the age of 20.  So don’t even go there.

If you have any other gems to add to the list, drop me a line.  Once I’ve collected the next lot I’ll publish Glossary of Terms III.

And if you want to further your education, here’s the earlier article:


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