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Mother of a Man-Child: Young Teens Running Wild November 12, 2010

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I was interested, but alas not surprised, to read a story on this week about a particular suburb in Western Sydney.  The story made headlines because one weekend police had set about rounding up all the roaming kids one Saturday night and subsequently sent no less than 55 young teenagers home to their parents.

What was most alarming for the police was the fact that most of the teens’ parents had no idea where they were – believing them to be somewhere else.  Some of the kids were found to be consuming alcohol, and a few using drugs.   The police rightly despair for these kids, and what other trouble they may find themselves in.  They are also rightly annoyed with the parents, for not taking more responsibility for their sons and/or daughters.

Trust me, you don’t need to look far to find similar behaviour going on, and it’s not contained to the Western suburbs of Sydney.  The nice Eastern suburbs of Melbourne will do just fine.   We have ourselves been the recipient of four female guests (aged just 14 years old) at 3am one morning – they had been out all night roaming the streets of Melbourne, and their parents were completely unaware.   And I know for a fact that several of them have repeated this behaviour.   I’ve also attended a teenage girls party where the parents were letting anyone in, along with their alcohol and cigarettes (and god knows what else) – and the parents are supposed to be the responsible ones!   Don’t worry I quickly turned into the door bitch and promptly turned the undesirables away.

I have to say I agree with the Sydney police – it’s time parents had a reality check and took more responsibility for their children, ensuring they are safe from harm.  As my readers know, we’ve had our share of trouble, but that’s with us being the “world’s strictest parents” and always checking up on our men-children.  Imagine what they’d get up to if we didn’t check on them?

Apparently “Operation Enough” is set to be rolled out across NSW.  Maybe I should lead the charge for Victoria – I know a leafy suburb they could start in!!!

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4 Responses to “Mother of a Man-Child: Young Teens Running Wild”

  1. Jacqueline Ralph Says:

    Mother of a Man-Child, just thought I,d let you know I only recently subscribed to your blog & I do enjoy reading it even though I don,t have children. I get the feeling that its like a release or an out let for you to vent your concerns/frustrations about your boys & general living. Good for you it’s better than having 3 glasses of wine & 5 cigarettes!

  2. Jodie Says:

    Aunty K, I was recently “Door Bitch” at boy cousins 15th birthday party! 90% of the kids had been drinking prior to the party, no mobiles or bags allowed in the party – they were in boxes labeled with a number and they collected their belongings at the end of the night – this was to save them smsing the address to their mates!!! Unless you were on the list you didn’t get in! Girls were passed out everywhere due to skulling whatever 30 minutes prior to the party! There was spew all in the girls basin – full! Gross! One girl was sent home due to her being so silly and obviously drunk – I had the pleasure of telling her surgeon father about his 15yo angel girl! Another boy was sent to hospital as he skulled 1/2 a bottle of something before he got to the party – an exchange student!! Hopefully parents will be firm – those 2 kids phoned my sister the very next morning to apologise! Do they mean it or were they made to? Anyway, it’s a start. It was categorised as a successful party by both parents and kids…… Even man childs cousin commented on “How do the parents let the girls go to a party looking like that” – to my relief….. Keep up the good work. Aunty J xxxx

    • Well that’s enlightening. Thanks for the update. Take heed parents of teenagers – they stop at nothing! Although to be fair do you really think this generation is any different to the last – with the exception that mobile phones and facebook make it even easier to spread the news of a party?
      Have you considered hiring out your services as a “door bitch” – I’m impressed. Scored an invite to do the same myself once – I graciously declined.
      I now live in hope that “psycho woman” is too mad/bad for my men-children to ever want a party. 🙂

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