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Mother of a Man-Child: Post-Script to An Arresting Story July 21, 2010

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For those who read my latest post, no doubt you’ve all seen the recent news about Xavier College students aged 14-16 years caught shop-lifting in Queenstown on a recent school ski trip.  The NZ police made no arrests, nor issued fines or official cautions to the boys, and were quoted as saying they felt the disgrace the boys had bought to the school and the punishment that would be metered out as a consequence would suffice.

For Man-Child I, the severity of his punishment for attempting to steal $4.90 worth of lollies recently, versus the complete lack of police intervention for $5,000 worth of clothing is somewhat at odds in his view.  I completely understand his point of view, but through the eyes of a parent I can understand why the police acted in the way they did with each incident.  Man-Child I was taught a lesson for life, albeit a rather private one.  The Xavier College boys face public humiliation, along with repercussions that could be far-reaching, including their suspension and possible expulsion from school.  I hope one day that Man-Child I will consider himself lucky, as the lesson he received will stand him in good stead for the next 5 years and more!

Here’s the original post.  “An Arresting Story”.


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