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My life with teenage boys

Of men and manners? January 29, 2010

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There seems to be one in every family. The one who thinks that “dropping their guts” to put it ever so crudely is amusing to every one else in the household. So with absolute delight, and no regard for anyone, my “Teenage-Child” (not to be confused with his twin brother the Man-Child) regularly shares his gaseous bodily functions with us all – in the car, the family room, the kitchen, the study, the bathroom – there is no boundary. But of course it’s only shared with the best company (his long-suffering family), never at school, on the tram, or at a mates place….and he literally delights in it. I kid you not he absolutely pisses himself laughing about it. And on the odd occasion, I must admit it is funny – but I try not to laugh. Especially if it has any odour whatsoever. But the other day it was so loud and abrupt, I literally thought it was a fake – seriously. I can only wish.

Apparently even my father has enjoyed the same delights from my teenage sons – who knows what he thought? I can hazard a guess – those private school fees are really paying off!

Further joys of my sons manners will no doubt follow – ah yes, the eating function……


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